We are a neoteric branding and graphic design studio working collaboratively across disciplines and time zones.




We Create

quality brands

We team up with top pros in a per project basis, in order to meet the needs of each individual client. We have built over the years a bullet-proof branding process that assures an outstanding outcome that both works in the present and will age gracefully in our fast-paced, wavering world.



We Create


We reject cookie-cutter and pre-made stuff you can find all over the internet. Our brands are custom-made with the same care and love our clients run their own businesses with. We strive for unique and strong personality brands that successfully stand out in the noise and are hard to overlook.



We Create

rational brands

Our brands are born out of a deep research and a conceptualization system that solidly backs up every aesthetic and marketing decision made. We deliver a complete package of assets and training so that every brand can live and breathe cohesively in every touchpoint of the business it represents.



We Create

flexible brands

We provide all the necessary guidelines and resources to stretch and/or adapt our brands to any media, be it print or digital. We think everything ahead, so the client can focus on running the business, while the new brand seamlessly accompanies its every stage of development and expansion.




We are a branding and graphic design studio founded in 2014 by Iael Brener, a Swiss-Uruguayan designer, musician and part-time digital artist.

We were the first digital nomad design studio in the region. Originally based in Uruguay, nowadays we work with collaborators and clients from all over the world without having a specific geographic location, cubicle-like offices nor fixed 9-to-5 schedules.

Suiza de America (Switzerland of America) was what Uruguay was called by the media in the early 20th century because of its prosperity and financial stability that made it resemble the Helvetic country.

We want to recover that long gone sense of well-being and productivity in this current era of global turmoil.

Our philosophy is different from other studios and agencies'. We renounce the office space and the corporate culture that has taken over the creative world so as to return to a more artistic, frugal approach to both infrastructure, client-studio relationships and work methodology.

Our goal is to help businesses stand out in our contemporary saturated markets and to create new and alternative value propositions for its simultaneously overstimulated and indifferent consumers.



One of my strongest beliefs is that design is the ultimate universal language and the key to activating economies in recession.


Founder & Art Director

Since the inception of Suiza de America in 2014, I've been working to help entrepreneurs, professionals and small businesses thrive in stagnating economies by providing high quality design, comprehensive marketing strategy and business consulting at affordable prices.

With over 10 years of experience in the design and marketing fields, I have developed a branding process that quickly inserts brands in the market and converts into revenue, taking advantage of the internet-driven world we live in and the options it offers to the savvy eye and the hustler spirit.

That's why in Suiza de America we seek to share ideas from everywhere around the world with clients based anywhere around the world.  Nowadays, it really doesn't matter where you live or the size of your business to become successful and profitable.

We have created a method that allows us to work together remotely —yet efficiently— helping your ideas and endeavors develop to their full potential; both transcending country borders and language barriers.

We want more people being able to make a living by doing what they love!

I'm always available for a nice chat, a good 'ol cup of joe or to help a brother or sister out. reach me in Suiza de America's social media or through MY Personal EMAIL