Carbon Mint

Carbon Mint brings the Uruguayan contemporary art scene to the world of e-commerce.


Contemporary Uruguayan art for export

The project consists of an online marketplace offering the whole world original artworks and digital reproductions of local artists in various mediums and formats.

It develops from the perceived need to find a more efficient, cost-effective and scalable channel to commercialize art versus the current methods the artists used.

Unlike other options of virtual art stores, Carbon Mint gives the artist the possibility of fixing the final price of their products, thus obtaining a higher percentage per sale than in any of the other sites, without the need to make any upfront economic investment.

The artist wouldn’t have to take care of anything but to promote his or her artworks as he or she already does today. All the rest of the process until reaching the final customer, will be solved for them.

Carbon Mint allows the artists to make a living out of their passion, offering their work to a much broader and more affluent audience than just the local market. Their original artworks will be able to be sold at more competitive prices than those adapted to the economic reality of Uruguay.

As for digital reproductions, profitability is measured by passive income, that is, the artwork is created only once, but its digital reproductions can be sold in multiple quantities, mediums and formats, making the effort invested in the original work much more profitable.

A typographic logo is developed in the form of a seal that can adapt to different formats and sizes by offering different reductions and layouts of the elements. The aesthetic is developed to minimally impact and not compete with the artworks displayed, and at the same time respond to current trends amongst the target audience.