Reviver is a Canadian collective of craftsmen, interior and furniture designers.


To restore is to revive

Reviver is a Canadian collective of craftsmen, interior and furniture designers.

Their work focuses on the restoration of antique furniture, both by recovering their original aesthetic and giving them a contemporary character, inspired by the Eclectic and Boho Chic trends.

The brand’s philosophy is not just to restore furniture, but to “heal” them and give them a new life in a different home. The goal is to rehabilitate the piece from its core to continue transcending the passage of time and owners.

From these concepts comes the name "Reviver", which means "the one who lives again”. The name is also a palindrome, a word that reads the same forwards and backwards.

Conceptually, we wanted to convey a sense of a round trip associated with upcycling and the multiple lives of restored objects: a virtuous circle. We found that a palindrome was a suitable metaphor for this.

The workshop uses classic restoration techniques and first-class materials that do not compromise the integrity of the treated furniture. Lacquer paste, varnishes, paints are manually applied and upholstery and carpentry work is handcrafted in all restoration processes.

Reviver does not believe in "make-up" techniques that conceal the damages and that over time can cause a deterioration of difficult solution, but in lasting processes and a high attention to detail and finishings.

To reinforce the concept of the brand and its ethos, we developed a custom typography for the logo, in which each character has a module that repeats itself (representing the multiple lives of the objects). Concurrently, the general aesthetic contrasts images and colors from another era against layouts, effects and contemporary typographies, representing the whole reviving process.