Brand Vault

This is the storage facility in which all of your final brand assets are located in case you need to share it with your clients and/or providers. You will have access to the Brand Vault indefinitely, any day and at any time. 



Vector-based files will allow you to scale your logo without losing quality and getting pixelated, making these files best suited for print design. EPS is the exchange format between Illustrator and CorelDraw or older Illustator versions.

↓  Illustrator AI
↓  Adobe PDF
↓  Postcript EPS

↓  Full Suite


High res images are used for printing purposes that don't need scaling and high res video. Low res images are used for web applications or low res video. PNG and TIFF formats have transparent backgrounds, which means they won't have a white rectangle behind.

↓  JPG High Res
↓  JPG Low Res
↓  PNG High Res
↓  PNG Low Res
↓  TIFF High Res


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