Demon Demos

Demon Demos is a virtual demo production studio for voice-over talents.


Voice Over demos as hot as hell

Like a portfolio for a designer, a voice over talent’s best credential is their demo tape.

Demon Demos is a virtual demo production studio that provides everything VO talents need to help them make a red hot mark in the entertainment industry. The studio offers a full range of services that cater to the specific needs of professionals that work in their home studios virtually through ISDN technologies.

From personal coaching services to recording, editing, music selection or design and mastering, Demon Demos knows that the need of a high-end demo tape is imperative.

A great demo not only should bring out the best of the talent, but also should be a structured and well thought-out piece that will best represent the professional behind the voice when the tape reaches potential customers, producers, agents and other industry advocates’ ears.

The play of words of the brand’s name invited to create a playful identity system, tagline, and overall communications style all referring to a sort of retro and fun approach to horror and demonic representations in the entertainment business.

Cult horror movies, TV series and radio show's advertisements and posters were a huge inspiration for the brand's aesthetics.