Suiza de America is a branding studio founded in 2014 by Iael Brener, Swiss-Uruguayan industrial/graphic designer & musician.

We are the first digital nomad design studio in the region, working with collaborators and clients from all over the world without having a specific geographic location, neither offices nor fixed schedules. 

Suiza de America (Switzerland of America) was what Uruguay was called in the early twentieth century because of its prosperity and financial stability that made it resemble the Swiss country. 
Our goal is to recover that sense of well-being and productivity in this current era of global economic and cultural crisis. 

Therefore, we believe that a drastic change in the classical approach is necessary if we want to make brands stand out in our modern saturated markets and be considered by their as over-stimulated as indifferent consumers. 

Our standpoint is that through "design thinking" applied to brand development and its consequent breakdown of paradigms with respect to the market, is how we exit crisis and reactivate economies in recession. 

To our unique approach we call it "Neoteric Branding". The Neoterics were a series of Greek and Latin avant-garde poets who lived during the Hellenistic period (323-31 BC). Neoteric poets deliberately turned away from classic Homeric epic poetry, which was the style accepted at the time.

Due to this historical precedent, the word has been used as a synonym for something new or fresh that goes against what is established as the norm or that questions paradigmatic concepts. 

It also means different, unusual and original. 




Business Plan Creation and/or Consulting, Market Research, Marketing Strategy Development, SEO Positioning


Application of Identity System on various printed media, such as: Letterheads, Business Cards, Envelopes, etc


Brand Attributes and Personality, Conceptualization, Brand and/or product Naming, Logo and Graphic Elements

Digital Marketing

Creative Copywriting, Graphic Design and Campaign Mgmt for Social Networks and E-mail Marketing

Editorial Design

Application of Identity System (or other contents) in publications such as: Magazines, Books, Catalogs, Brochures, etc

Print Production

Quoting and Coordination with Printers, Supervision of printing quality and finishings

Web Design

Application of Identity System in online platforms such as: Websites, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce Sites, Blogs, etc