LoRa Alliance™


the client

LoRa Alliance is a non-profit organisation that focuses on the global implementation of a special technology that allows long range digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. The Alliance is seeking to raise the brand awareness and aesthetics of the organisation and develop a more consistent and codified identity.

The Challenge

We were commissioned by the brand's agency to help conduct an effort to understand the current perception of brand leadership —its strengths and weaknesses—to determine the best way forward for the organisation's visual approach. Any decision had to have a rational approach based on the input of the Alliance leadership team (comprised of 600+ members) and on current brand remarks on the market. This was the catalyst for a survey and the research we conducted collaboratively with the American agency. Here we present both of the brand identity proposals we made to the agency and the Alliance members.



The yellow, light blue and black color scheme is somewhat divisive but it was the best rated, with 26% of respondents indicating that it is the strongest visual element of the brand. There was a clear consensus on virtually the entire spectrum of the brand. The brand tone descriptors that were chosen were: Adventurous, Playful, Creative, Scientific, Reserved, Academic, Evolutionary, Surprising, Quiet. When asked to provide the adjectives that best describe LoRa Alliance, there were several topics that were also aligned with the most commonly used words in all responses to all survey questions: Open, Global, Ecosystem, International, Innovative, Growing.


Although there are areas of the brand that the leadership of LoRa Alliance could clearly be improved, there was no concrete data from the survey that indicated a complete revision of the brand or the abandonment of the main brand assets such as the logo or the color palette. We recommended developing two evolutionary variations of the LoRa Alliance brand to take advantage of the strongest aspects of the current brand, while focusing on placing more emphasis on the key points that resulted from the survey.


The first evolution of the LoRa Alliance™ brand will leverage the visual style of black and white photography combined with bold uses of their brand mark and colour palette. We will look to inject the core themes highlighted in the survey: open, international, ecosystem, innovation, growth and a focus on the human factor.