Rey is a renowned personality of the Dominican media, an entrepreneur and a voice-over talent specialized in neutral Spanish.


Defining a multitasker

Rey is a renowned personality of the Dominican media, an entrepreneur and a award-winning voice-over talent specialized in neutral Spanish.

He is CEO and co-founder of World Voices, an audio production company and WICE, an inspirational events company. Rey is also the executive producer and co-host of the radio program "Camino al Sol" and a musical program called "La musica de nuestras tardes".

One of his greatest achievements has been to be the voice in Spanish for the commercials of the presidential nomination of Barack Obama, directed to the Hispanic population residing in the United States.

His experiences in the international market include hundreds of corporate infomercials and E-learning materials performed in neutral Spanish for brands like Sony, Dell, Gucci, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft and Honda, among others.

His serious and deep voice is heard every day somewhere in the world, like in Argentina through Infinita FM, in Ecuador as a voice of Unimaxx TV or in Puerto Rico, as voice-over of the radio program Al Punto.

We created a versatile brand to respond to his multifaceted personality. He chose to use his nickname instead of his full name, in order to maintain the informal, friendly and open-minded approach he has with his clients, colleagues and followers. All this, however, without neglecting the professionalism and academic training that characterizes him; which is represented by the monogram and the laurel wreath.

The palette responds to the contraposition of these elements; the corporate spirit of the marine blue, light blue and gold next to the warm and natural spirit of the terracotta and the tan brown. A high contrast light yellow is used to represent Rey’s high energy and drive.