I'm Iael Esther Brener, Creative Director of Suiza de America.

With over 10 years of experience in the design and marketing fields, I know for a fact that nowadays it doesn't matter where you live or the size of your business to be successful.

I've seen the power that great design has to transform brands and turn ideas into movements. I believe it to be the ultimate universal language and the key to activating economies in recession.

I look forward to working together and helping your endeavours develop to their full potential; both transcending country borders and language barriers!


Mini Bio

I'm a Swiss-Uruguayan multidisciplinary designer, musician and digital artist. My approach is to continuously strive for innovative ideas, being very flexible style-wise and keen on experimenting.

I've studied Industrial Design and complemented it with Art Direction, Creative Copywriting, Fine Arts and Business Administration courses.
Over the years, I've specialised in Branding and Marketing Strategy development for entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you want to know more, you can download my CV here. References upon request.

I'm always available for a nice chat, a good 'ol cup of joe or to help a friend out. You can reach me in social media or through my personal email.

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