Suiza de America




We are a branding and graphic design studio working collaboratively across disciplines and time zones run by Industrial/Graphic Designer Iael Esther Brener. Originally based in Uruguay's capital city, Montevideo, we now work with associates and clients from all over the world based in London, UK.

We love working with small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs. Whether you have a start-up, a retail store, a non-profit, an event or a personal branding project, we'll help you find your unique voice, stand out from the crowd and begin a conversation with your dream audience.

Your brand will get a conceptually-strong and state-of-the-art visual identity, concrete strategies to kickstart engagement and the proper training to easily manage these assets from the comfort of your smart device or PC.


Our Name


'Switzerland of America' was what Uruguay was called by the media in the early 20th century because of its prosperity and financial stability, which made it resemble the Helvetic country. We want to recover that long gone sense of productivity in this era of global turmoil and financial crises.





We team up with top pros to meet the needs of each client. We have built a branding process that assures an outstanding outcome that both works in the present and will age gracefully in our fast-paced world.


Our brands are born out of deep research and conceptualisation processes that back up every aesthetic and marketing decision made. We deliver a complete package of assets and training on how to use them, so that every brand can live cohesively in all of its touchpoints.


We reject cookie-cutter design you can find on the internet. Our brands are custom-made with the same care and love our clients run their own businesses with. We create unique visuals that are hard to overlook.


We want to make the branding process transparent and accessible. This way, you avoid having to deal with the speculative quoting you get everywhere else, hidden fees or retainers. Hence, we only offer one standardised branding pack of services called 'The Capsule Brand'.